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Hv3 - Tcl/Tk Web Browser

Html Viewer 3 (hv3) is a powerful yet minimalist web browser that uses Tkhtml3 as a rendering engine and SEE (Simple ECMAScript Engine) to interpret scripts. The application itself is written in Tcl. Currently it is at alpha stage. Please try it out, then report bugs or make suggestions.

Instructions for obtaining source code, reporting bugs, requesting enhancements, joining the mailing list and contacting the authors may be found on the front page of this site.



hv3-win32-nightly-08_0203.exe - Executable for win32 platforms.

hv3-win32-nightly-08_0203.kit - Starkit package. To use this you also require a tclkit runtime from Equi4 software (http://www.equi4.com). If you're not sure what this means, grab the executable file above instead.

Generic Linux

hv3-linux-nightly-08_0203.gz - Gzip'd executable for linux x86 platforms. Everything is staticly linked in, so there are no dependencies. To use this, download the file, gunzip it, set the permissions to executable and run it. i.e. execute the following commands from a terminal window:

  wget http://tkhtml.tcl.tk/hv3-linux-nightly-08_0203.gz
  gunzip hv3-linux-nightly-08_0203.gz
  chmod 755 hv3-linux-nightly-08_0203

hv3-linux-nightly-08_0203.kit - Starkit package. To use this you also require a tclkit runtime from Equi4 software (http://www.equi4.com). If you're not sure what this means, grab the gzip'd executable file above instead.

Puppy Linux

hv3-nightly-08_0203.pet - Pupget package for Puppy linux (http://www.puppyos.com). This won't work with other linux distributions. For anything other than puppy or puppy derivitives, use the generic linux package above.

The files offered for download above are not built from any specific released version of Tkhtml. Instead, they are updated whenever the source code is considered stable enough (some projects call these "nightly" builds). In practice this means once every couple of days. The binaries currently offered were last updated at Sun Feb 03 15:00:45 ICT 2008.

Detailed version information for any hv3 build may be found by visiting the internal URI "home://about/" (i.e. type "home://about/" into the location entry field at the top of the window).

Source Code and Hacking

A goal of Hv3 development is that the source code should be accessible; it should be easy to hack on. For those wishing to experiment with modifying Hv3 source code, there are two options:

  1. By downloading one of the starkits available above and editing the Tcl code.
  2. By building the whole system from scratch.

The Windows and "Generic Linux" *.kit files available for download above are constructed using starkit technology. This means you can "unwrap" them, modify the source code therein, and run the modified version. The "Getting started with Starkits and Tclkit" page over at equi4.com provides a step by step example of doing this.

To build the system from scratch, first obtain the latest sources for Tkhtml3 and Hv3. Detailed instructions for building the required components (Tkhtml3, hv3_polipo and Tclsee) and running the Hv3 script are found in the COMPILE.txt file of the source code distribution.

More Information

There is more information related to Hv3 to be found in the tkhtml.tcl.tk FFAQ.